Sheryl Stockel

Sheryl Stockel


I’m very passionate about my family, animals, and baking/cooking. My family fills me with love. They are – my husband, Todd, son Adam, and the world’s greatest grandson. Erik.

Another joy in my life is my dogs (Bella and Millie), and my wonderful parrot named Sophie. Even though he isn’t tame, we enjoy him. Animals and birds (both inside and outdoor) have always been in my life, and they have given me fun, comfort, and completeness. I am always an advocate for animals.

Baking/cooking is my best creative outlet – plus it’s a way to reach out to others by sharing the “goods” of my labor with my neighbors and friends. Cupcakes give me the chance to cut loose and create different kinds of decorations.

I like to call my job receptionist and sales consultant. My job has many various duties, from answering the phone to consulting and answering questions and marketing the newest and most effective animal products on the market. Greeting clients is more than being a receptionist. I have learned that it is also being a friend to them as well. This job requires all clerical skills, but it also requires a kind heart and a lot of compassion when helping clients to make an end of life decision. I have been at this position for many years and can truly say – I still love it! 🙂